27 May 2013

Dream coat - "Norwegian Rain"


Honestly, this coat is what I would wish for Christmas!
Living in such a rainy country as Norway you understand the usefulness of waterproof clothes. Unfortunately, not all pieces of waterproof clothes look nice and fancy. However, guys from Bergen, by the way Bergen is the rainiest city of Europe, have created a beautiful and functional product, Norwegian Rain. They have made a very creative coat with the highest level of weather protection available. In addition to it, the fabric is high-tech one from Japan that is made of 100% recycled material. 
"The philosophy is simple. We make hard-core functional outerwear without compromising on stylistic preferences. The hi-tech is hidden".

According to my point of view, the design of coats is associated with kind of a mix between minimalism and Japanese traditional notes. In spite of the fact that the brand "Norwegian Rain" focuses on the functionality and quality, its design of coats is gorgeous. 

You can go to their official web-side Norwegian Rain and see the coats by yourself;)
And by the way, the brand has already received a few awards: 3rd prize " The world's best entrepreneur within creative industries" CBC 2012, won "Award for Design Excellence 2012" Norwegian Design Council, and has been nominated: "Honours Award for Design Excellence 2012", "Designer of the Year 2012" Nåloyet Norway, "Talented Newcomer 2010" Vogue Italia &WHITE, "Vogue Talents" Vogue Italia (Sep 2010).      

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