26 May 2013

Cartoon shirt from Iceberg

As I have previously said I really like funny and cute t-shirts and sweaters. So there is another funny piece from my wardrobe: a shirt with a cartoon pattern on from Iceberg. 

I have tried to find some information about this fashion house, but unfortunately there was very little information. I know that Iceberg have its boutiques only in Italy and other seven cities: London, Paris, Moscow, Kiev, Amsterdam, Kuwait City, and Dubai. The brand was launched as an Italian luxury fashion design house in 1974. The first designed pieces were knit sportwear. Until nowadays Iceberg have offered a quite sporty look, based on the imaginative world of cartoons.  Due to the creative approach to the creation of such unique shirts and sweaters young hip-hop communities were very happy to wear shirts with different cartoons characters on. Beside hip-hop stars, Iceberg's products have been worn by, for example, Paris Hilton, Lil' Kim, and Mischa Barton. 

Have a good Sunday!

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