1 Aug 2013

It is over!

It is over. I am finished with this blog and starting another blog.  The main and prime idea of this blog was not fulfilled by different reasons. In spite of the fact that I have already gotten some commercial offers and taken part in fashion competitions, I have decided to stop this blog.
The new blog www.a-grevstad.com will be more private and based on absolutely different concepts beside the  fashion. Those who used to reading this blog I welcome to my new one.  I promise it will be more interesting than this one ;)
Just follow my new blog www.a-grevstad.com

Have a good week-end! 

26 Jul 2013

23 Jul 2013

Have a look at my Samsung white baby ;)

The blog has moved to 

 I fell in love with this camera. Honestly I am not a fan of Samsung, particularly  phones, at all. I think everything inside, I mean inside-design of phones, looks  quite cheap and uncomfortable to use. For example,  the text message screen consists of  blue and yellow clouds that show texts ...hmm...  not for me. However this camera is an exception ;)   

First of all the camera has plenty of functions, beginning from the general options 'P', 'S', 'A', 'M', which actually are set very easy, up to different filters and what is more important personally for me is Wi-Fi. There are three options how you can transfer your photos straight to your phone or PC. You can also send pictures by e-mail or post it on Facebook straight from the camera ;) 

The camera is very small and in spite of the fact that it is made by plastic looks very solid. In addition to all the positive advantages it is just simple to use ;) 

You can take cool photos without using other additional gadgets!  

22 Jul 2013

Let's prepare for autumn

I do not want to think about the autumn! However it will come and you should be prepare for it ;) I mean the preparation for cold, rain, dark days, sad and dirty streets, and so on.......
But it is not that bad how it would seem. Begin to look for a pair of shoes that will elate you when you go out in nasty weather. I have decided to look for such a pair of shoes at an interesting place that is called CityBlis. And I have found something interesting:

An interesting pair of shoes which I have found is called Freakin clever shoes

Shiyo shoes I found very attractive, but not for everyday use. 

Monica StÃ¥lvang is a Norwegian designer who develops and produces her collections in Italy. You can find her collection here.

19 Jul 2013

More and more of blue

Blue color and warm weather is a nice combo ;) I just want to remind you some interesting moments from 'color language'. Blue color has a vast meaning. Blue color is symbol of wisdom, truth, trust, calmness, openness, stability, and peace. According to studies, blue is considered as a masculine color. If you feel very self-esteemed and have strong consciousness, wear blue ;)

I think in my case, the blue outfit says about calmness, openness, stability, and peace. Walking in parks with a good company gives me only positive energy! 

I like blue color in my Instagram pictures, there are three of them which might give you some inspiration ;)

18 Jul 2013

It is everything about scarf ;)

What can be more boring than black jeans with a white top?! It is definitely so classy and so universal, that sometimes one wants to embellish it with some bright spots. For me such bright spots might be scarves. Honestly scarves is my passion. I keep the black jeans with the white top and change only accessories, in this case scarves ;)


There are so many different and colorful scarves that one may change them depending on the mood, weather, occasion, and so on. There is only one important thing that you should always remember is to use your imagination. Andy Warhol always said: "Everybody must have a fantasy"!