28 May 2013

Cleopatra necklace

You have probably noticed that big and massive necklaces are  popular today. I, honestly, like this tendency. As a result I have bought a quite massive necklace from ASOS. The necklace is just gorgeous and what is more important it reminds me one of the Cleopatra's necklaces from different movies and pictures. 

It is remarkable that the image and style of Cleopatra, who was born 69 B.C., is still so significant. And it is not surprising, as she was one of the most influential women of all a time. She was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, the wife of Marc Antony, a lover of Julius Caesar, and a victim of Augustus Caesar. Her reign is associated with sex, seduction and great politics.  

According to some Greek historians, she did not possess the astonishing beauty, but she had a great charm and charism, the tone of her voice was so pleasant that people could listen to her forever, and her mind was extremely smart and sharp. Cleopatra could speak seven languages and had a great passion for science and literature. 

Despite her success in politics and interests in science and literature, she spent a lot time taking care of her beauty. She was well-known for taking bath in milk and honey, for using perfume made from rose oil and violets for her hands, and  oil made with honey, cinnamon, iris, hyacinth and orange blossoms for her feet in order to keep her skin soft. She even wrote her own book on cosmetics.  

Unfortunately, there was nobody could say how Cleopatra looked like, we can identify her appearance only by looking at coins made in her time and by viewing the statues, which were made of her. In most pictures Cleopatra is traditionally portrayed wearing a massive, flat, circular neckpiece and other different jewelry around. 

So you can feel yourself a little bit of Cleopatra by having such a necklace from ASOS ;) 


  1. Great post! I love how informative it is and I love the necklace. I can't believe she spoke 7 different languages.... that hard core! Love your bloggy. Following!