30 May 2013

Day of hobbies

I am officially on vacation! Done with all the exams.
And today is a lazy day or a day of hobbies. The blog is definitely the main hobby for today. So from now I will spend much more time on it, because I am on vacation! :)

The main hobby of my life is reading. I just read a lot! Mostly I read classical literature, particularly Russian and European ones, however I have recently begun to read English and American modern fiction. One of the latest books is "Every Contact Leaves a Trace". The book is about a mysterious murder, but at the same time it is not a detective story. It is primary about feelings, feelings of men and feelings of women: sex, friendship, misunderstanding, odium, love, and etc... The book has received a lot of favorable reviews:
The Times: "Wonderfully unique"
Guardian: "Highly recommended...deeply thoughtful and very smart"
Stylist: "Should not be missed" 
and many others. 
I agree with the Guardian the book is highly recommended ;)

My another hobby is Instagram :)
I had registered in Instagram long before the app was bought by Facebook. There were not so many users as today, people did not show their breakfasts and dinners, and there was not spam at all. People showed their pictures  and pictures were very nice and beautiful, the most important the pictures had sense.  Anyway, I am still in Instagram and still do enjoy posting pics in Instagram. My last purchase for varying my pics was DIPTIC. So you can see the result:  pictures of flowers, which decorate my home.  

My dog, Fibi, needs a lot of attention. As a wrote before, Jack Russells need a lot of activities, consequently I spend quite a lot of time to entertain Fibi. I consider it as my another active hobby :)

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  1. Hi!, beautiful pics. please, what is your name app?