25 May 2013

Spring outfit - get rid of stress.

May is a month of exams... You just sit at home and read, learn, read, learn, and so on... 
People become very nervous and stressful, and I really do understand these people, because I am not an exception. I have passed so many exams, but still always feel nervous  when the next exam is coming closer. 

It is very important to take pauses and relax from studying. There are some pieces of advice that help me to cool down from anxiety thoughts:

- Speak on phone with someone about everything possible but exams. 
- Drink green tea, particularly mint tea. Green tea cools your nervous system down ;)
- Go for a walk, your brain always needs fresh air, especially when it is occupied with hard studying.  
- Eat fruits, vegetables, and dark chocolate. Your body needs energy. 
- Sleep well. Do not study until 2 or 3 a.m. it will make you sleepy and tired on the next day.  

So I have chosen to go for a walk in order to divert my attention from my next exam ;)

Good luck with exams! ;)


  1. I love your outfit! especially the white shoes. Very chic!


  2. I understand just what you are saying - I just had all my exams in May too and my god... despite how many I have done it's still so stressful. Lovely outfit! Reminds me of something I would wear during exam period - perfectly relaxed and chic ~