23 Apr 2013

Spring beauty essentials: Volume 1

It's spring outside and the high time to embrace it with all its beauty and offerings! Here are some tips from us on how well and beautiful to welcome the sun and warm.

This spring is all about keeping it natural and minimal. Natural beauty rules. Just add a  subtle touch of  makeup to enhance you natural beauty.

... keeping everything as pure as possible.

Clean, nude and fresh.

Spring is also the beginning of continuos party and fun time. To stand out in the crowd you will want to enhance your natural beauty by applying color to either eyes or lips.

Brighten up you lips by giving hint of urban chic.

Give it your look a grown up 90's look by enhancing your lips and eyes.

Or brighten up the eyes like 90's Brit pop style.

Add simply neutrals to get just a simple and luxurious look.

Smokey eyes roots with modern twist.

The photos are taken from www.vogue.com, www.instyle.com, www.allure.com.

Stay beautiful and natural!

We are keeping you posted!


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