24 Apr 2013

Spring beauty essentials: Volume 2

Yesterday we started highlighting this spring's beauty essentials. To continue with the beauty topic, today's post will be all about the HAIRSTYLES which are big for this season! 

Twists, loops & knots are big this spring. It will go perfectly hand-in-hand with your minimal makeup.

Undone, ultralow ponytails are in trend.

Slicked - back hair at the top for more sophisticated look.

Whether paired with waves or low-slung ponytails center partings are something you can go for this season.

Textured waves with grunge style, just-out-of-bed hair gives a carefree, casual look.

... undone waves.

Twist it more and you can get more rock'n'roll tone.

Retro style is still big; 'Sixties Sweetheart' is an influential look for this season.

Sweeping side fringes tucked or pinned behind the ear or swept into low-slung ponies.

Messy braids can go with more sophisticated looks.

Small braids are big news this season; back, front, side or centre it doesn't matter, just the presence of one or two can give a different look.

This season "it's about the scarf". Go for colorful and bright scarf and you will definitely stand out in the crowd.

The photos are taken from www.vogue.com, www.instyle.com, www.marieclaire.com.

Stay beautiful and in trend! 

We are keeping you posted!


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