22 Apr 2013

Tourist in your own city

"Be a tourist in your own city" was a motto of yesterday's event in Oslo. It was a great chance to explore Oslo's major cultural sights for free! Of course we used this chance and visited three museums. 

The first one was The National Museum, unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures there,in addition to it the biggest part of the museum was closed, because of the preparation for 150 anniversary of Edward Munch. However, it was a great surprise, we could listen to the harp. That was something marvellous!

The second one was Ibsen Museum. That was amazing to immerse in the atmosphere of Ibsen's plays: A doll's house, Ghosts, Peer Gynt, and so on. By the way, Ibsen is the most played playwright in the world!

And the third one was the Nobel Peace Center, which is highly recommended! Today the Center is hosting a nice exhibition where twelve young photographers explore identity in  today's Europe. One can also get a lot of interesting information about the Nobel Price itself and the European Union. 

So put on a spring outfit and  go to museums to get inspiration! 


We are keeping you posted!


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