11 Apr 2013

How to mix and match Vol.2!

We have noticed that our post about the color wheel became one of the most popular posts in the blog therefore we have decided to develop this subject.
At the first glance it seems strange to mix, for example, such colors as Violet and Yellow, but according to the rule (colors across from each other) they match each other perfectly.

In addition to the main color rules it is possible to divide colors related to the four seasons. Just play with your imagination and think what colors or things remind you of spring, summer, autumn, and winter?! 
  1.    Spring: green and yellow; grass, narcissus, and tulips.
  2.    Summer: yellow, blue, red; sun, see, flowers.
  3.    Autumn: brown, orange: leaves falling off.
  4.   Winter: white, grey, black; cold, ice, dark days.  

  As a result we have created a few outfits based on the basic color rules and our vision on the four seasons. You can create your own outfits using the special app "Polyvore" both on iPhone and iPad. 

Untitled #2

from lilloo

We are keeping you posted!



  1. Girls, love your blog! Super, i always read it, even if don't comment! Keep it up!

  2. Polina, thank you so much!! we really appreciate it!