13 Apr 2013

Scandinavian design

We are continuing to represent cultural and creative moments from our lives. And we want to repeat one more time, that not only clothes make a girl attractive, but also knowledge and interest in cultural aspects of the modern life are very important. 

The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo represents another exhibition "Design and Craft 1905-2005". Nowadays Scandinavian minimalism is so popular that you can meet this design in all magazines. Therefore it is very interesting to see how the Nordic furniture design was developing over 100 years. The exhibition shows different phases of development: Protomodernism, Art Deco, Functionalism, Popmodernism, and Postmodernism. 

Obviously, Scandinavian design is different, but always associated with good quality and modern vision on furniture. It is great that Scandinavian interior decorators and designers achieved distinguish position in international arena!

If you are in Oslo, we highly recommend you to see this exhibition!

P.S. The weather in Oslo is very sad, and the mood is to wear dark clothes, so there is one outfit, which shows how to color your dark look ;)

Bohemia Satchel Bag

We are keeping you posted! 


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