22 Jul 2013

Let's prepare for autumn

I do not want to think about the autumn! However it will come and you should be prepare for it ;) I mean the preparation for cold, rain, dark days, sad and dirty streets, and so on.......
But it is not that bad how it would seem. Begin to look for a pair of shoes that will elate you when you go out in nasty weather. I have decided to look for such a pair of shoes at an interesting place that is called CityBlis. And I have found something interesting:

An interesting pair of shoes which I have found is called Freakin clever shoes

Shiyo shoes I found very attractive, but not for everyday use. 

Monica StÃ¥lvang is a Norwegian designer who develops and produces her collections in Italy. You can find her collection here.


  1. I really like the first pair. And I agree with the "liking, but not wearing" ;) also really lovely blog you have here


  2. The boots in the first picture are wicked. Out of this world. Love it. Followed your lovely blog. Stay in touch :)