23 Jul 2013

Have a look at my Samsung white baby ;)

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 I fell in love with this camera. Honestly I am not a fan of Samsung, particularly  phones, at all. I think everything inside, I mean inside-design of phones, looks  quite cheap and uncomfortable to use. For example,  the text message screen consists of  blue and yellow clouds that show texts ...hmm...  not for me. However this camera is an exception ;)   

First of all the camera has plenty of functions, beginning from the general options 'P', 'S', 'A', 'M', which actually are set very easy, up to different filters and what is more important personally for me is Wi-Fi. There are three options how you can transfer your photos straight to your phone or PC. You can also send pictures by e-mail or post it on Facebook straight from the camera ;) 

The camera is very small and in spite of the fact that it is made by plastic looks very solid. In addition to all the positive advantages it is just simple to use ;) 

You can take cool photos without using other additional gadgets!  


  1. Oh my god the effects are soo cool! Uber jealous!

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