3 Jun 2013

Strict, but feminine outfit (+some interesting facts about shirt)

I am a huge fan of male shirts. I think women in male shirts look very sexy, but at the same time very powerful. For me the shirt is a symbol of strength and power. The reason of such a perception is the history of shirt. Basically, shirt is the oldest item of clothes dating back ca. 3000 B.C. 

The shirt was a piece of men's underwear until the twenties century. In the Middle Ages it was undyed piece of clothes worn next to the skin and under regular clothes. In medieval, only prisoners, shepherds and other poor people could wear the shirt as normal clothes (uncovered). In the seventeenth century, men's shirt was considered as an erotic import as visible underwear today. In the eighteenth century, men who did not wear shirts, were seen as indecent people. 

European and American women began to wear shirts in 1860. The Garibalti shirt was the reason of this tendency, because the freedom fighters under Giuseppe Garibaldi worn red shirts. It was the direct ancestor of the modern women's blouse. 

Another story is why a white shirt is still a symbol of status. A couple of centuries ago only rich men and men, who was not involved in manual work, could wear white shirts, because they could employ servants to launder their shirts. In twentieth century in America it was further difference between the educated, salaried professionals who worked in office and those who were involved in manual labour by using the terms: "white collar workers" and "blue collar workers". 

Fortunately, today the shirt does not separate the society into 'white collar workers' and 'blue collar workers'. Everyone who likes shirt is able to wear: kids, men, women, old, young, rich, or poor. In addition, the variety is very vast, today one can find 26 types of shirt. 

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