1 May 2013

Instagram in our lives

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Whether there is a person, who has never heard of or used such a social networking service as Instagram?! Hmm... Everyone, who is more or less interested in the Internet or has a smartphone, has heard or used Instagram. This social media has become so popular that such a deep passion for having pictures on Instagram was called Instagram Mania.

Instagram was created by Kevin Systron and Mike Krieger and launched in San Francisco in October 2010. The success had been so dramatic, that over 100 million people downloaded the application by April 2012. At the same time Facebook offered Systron and Krieger an enormous sum of money for the app. As a result Facebook bought Instagram for approximately 1$ billion in cash and stock. 

Instagram has received a number of awards: it was the runner-up for "Best Mobile App", won "Locally Made App", Apple Inc. named Instagram "App of the Year" in 2011. In addition to these awards, the co-founders were listed in the "The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2011", "30 Under 30", "The Hot 20 2011".

Today Instagram is mostly used as a kind of diary, pictures of everyday life: food, friends, shoes, outfits, family, pets, and so on... A great example of it is Kim Kardashin's Instagram page (@kimkardashian), she has more than 8 million followers. There you can find a lot of pictures of her life.  

WeeVoyages have created a list of Instagram users, who have extremely beautiful pictures that can inspire you. Have a look!

1. Liz Eswein (@newyorkcity). She is obsessed by New York.

2. Nicole Warne(@garypeppergirl) is an owner of a nice vintage shop. Most pictures are about fashion and traveling.  

3. Chris Ozer (@Chrisozer) is a photographer from Brooklyn, NY.

4. There is, unfortunately, no information about the user (@inspiresss). However, the pictures are so nice!

5. This Instagram profile (@fashionfacts) belongs to the blog sydneyfrancisco.com. Here you can find a huge collection of different outfits. Get some inspiration for your wardrobe ;) 

We are keeping you posted!