30 Apr 2013

Jewelry is made in Norway

Today's post will be all about the pieces of jewelry, which are 'made in Norway' and with which we are currently obsessed with. 
Bjørg jewelery name perhaps is more popular in Norway then in other parts of the world, but its unique design and mystical style makes at once catch the attention of jewelry lovers! And we, of course, are not exception ;)
Bjørg jewelry, wich was founded in 2004, is known for a conceptual approach to design pieces as balancing acts between the fine and the raw. 

The trademark is the use of rough stones and crafted metal textures. Most importantly, all the pieces are handmade and all materials are 100% natural. 

It is so difficult to see then in a shop and not to have a wish of owning them. The only 'stop' factor is perhaps the price. But owning such a cool and unique piece, at least on or two, it's definitely worth it!











The photos are used from  www.bjorgjewellery.com.

We are keeping you posted! 


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