6 May 2013

Colors of your clothes can speak!

Do you know that colors of you clothes can speak? ;)

For example, you are in a mood to wear a red skirt today. This means that you are full of energy and confidence.  Red color indicates power, passion, love, and self-confidence. Red color is the color of success. At the same time sexuality is represented by this color. So if you want to look sexy and confident, wear red! 

Orange colors of your pieces say that you are in an optimistic mood. This warm color gives you a sense of enthusiasm, creativity, and happiness. Wearing orange color is a sign of readiness for joy :)

Yellow color is quite ambiguous. It may say that you are in a very good mood and ready for fun. However, it may also be a spontaneous color, if you like to show people that you are a stable and single-minded person, avoid wearing yellow! 

Green is basically a color of nature. Green pieces of clothes exhibit your harmony and emotional stability. 

Blue color has a vast meaning. Blue color is a symbol of wisdom, truth, trust,calmness, openness, stability, and peace. According to studies, blue is considered as a masculine color. If you feel very self-esteemed and have strong consciousness, wear blue ;)

White color always has a positive meaning. White colors on your clothes indicate your kind and innocence thoughts. Perfection is a synonym of this color. 

Black color is considered to be a negative symbol, as opposite to white. However, black shows your elegance and formality, this means strength and authority. That is why people use black pieces when they go to interviews or formal meetings.Black color is the color of respect!   

Now you can understand what mood people are in when you meet them ;) 


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