14 Mar 2013

How to mix and match!

Today's fashion is full of colorful outfits. Some of then are perfectly created; some of them need to be worked on. From my point of view there are three main reasons why some people cannot create a bright outfit. Firstly there are terrified to stand out, therefore they prefer grey and black colors of the clothes. Secondly they are just scared to wear colorful pieces, because of the fear to fail in color mixing. The last reason is unawareness of correct color mixing.

Here is the color wheel, which will help all three groups of people to create a great and bright outfit. As the color wheel represents the basic color rules. 

There are five rules of forming new color combos:

1.  Colors next to each other (e.g. red & red-orange; blue & blue-green, etc.)
2.  Colors that form a 90 degree angels with each other (e.g. blue-violet & green; red & blue, etc.)
3.  Colors across from each other (e.g. orange & blue; Violet & yellow, etc.)
4.  Colors that form a "T" (e.g. yellow, violet, & red-orange;  yellow, blue-green, & red-orange, etc.)
5.  Colors that form a "X" (e.g. red-orange, yellow, blue-green,& violet, etc.)

In addition to these rules, there is a need to remember that such neutral colors as white, black, grey, and brown match with almost any other colors. 

We should that Isaac Newton for the color wheel. The modern color wheel is based on the original color circle, created by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666-1670.

Do not forget to print out the color wheel and hang next to your wardrobe ;)


We are keeping you posted!

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