17 Jul 2013

Ancient Greek Sandals? Yes, please!

I do not remember when it was the first time I saw them, but I remember falling in love with them right away. Perfectly designed sandals for every day and any occasion were in front of me ;)

The sandals are designed by Christina Martini who used to design shoes for Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. Now she works in her native Greece and produces shoes with a local Greek shoe manufacturer. 

The main idea of creating such sandals is to show that the traditional design can be used and it is beautiful. Each pair of shoes has an ancient greek name, I suppose the names have been taken from the greek myth. 'According to an ancient greek myth, the gods and goddesses had their sandals made on the beautiful island of Crete by a gifted sandal maker who enriched each pair with magical powers'.
There is the official web-side of Ancient Greek Sandals, have a look, you will not regret ;)


  1. What is not to love about these sandals? I mean they look like someone just pulled them out of hercules (and let me tell you I love Hercules)