19 May 2013

Funny & cute t-shirt from ZARA

 I just love ZARA t-thirts. ZARA has two lines, one of them is TRF. TRF offers very casual pieces, where you can find a lot of funny and cute T-shirts. Basically, TRF is an abbreviation of the Spanish "Trafa" that means "young". ZARA TRF is described as a style for young, vibrant, and stylish. 

I have a lot of such T-shirts, one of them says: Leave me alone, I  have a bad day! It is my fetish of having funny animals on T-shirts. I think it is very cute to wear such T-shirts even you are far over 20 ;) 

You can find this T-shirt here


  1. Love the T-shirt and I like simple outfits like yours! Hope you visit my blog!!

    1. Thank you! I will defenetly do it;)

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  3. wow,it looks very nice, I also like the t shirt.

  4. Hi, Lan you said right it looks really very nice. I also like the T-Shirt

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