27 Apr 2013

Stories about woman's soul!

Books have inspired people from that day when the first book was published. Books are people's imagination, fantasies, dreams, passion, love, agony, hate! People live and love through books. 
There are three books, which, I personally think, reflect woman's soul. 

Intimate Chanel is one of the best books about her life. There are so many lies and mysteries about her private life, that it is always interesting to get know at least some truth! In this book one can find stories from her niece, who opens the curtain of Chanel's private life. Reading this book, I could really realize why Coco Chanel hated, loved, dreamt, I just could understand a very small piece of her soul! 
In addition, there are a lot of brilliant pictures from her life!

Breakfast at Tiffany's is a very popular movie. However, there are only few people, who  have read the book. Honestly, the book is much better than the movie, even though Audrey Hepburn played perfectly her role. The whole sense of the book is at the end, which was absolutely changed in the movie. Only the end of the story can show you what kind of Holly Golightly woman is, then you can understand her soul!

The Original of Laura is the last novel of Vladimir Nabokov. The novel was published in fragments, because the novel itself had not existed, before one of his relatives found the notes in Nabokov's desk. If you like his "Lolita" (it was announced as one of The 100 Best Books of all time), you will definitely love and this story that full of love, passion and hate!                 

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